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Nantgarw, Cardiff

Rite on the doorstep of our capitol city we found ourselves our biggest challenge of the year. The customers were a lovely couple who purchased a house and had recently finished the interior work, finding the time to landscape the garden proved to be too much, So naturally they rang us.

After exchanging details over the phone i visited the property to meet the customers and see exactly what type of ideas they had for their outdoor living space. They had a rough plan of their own and with a few ideas of my own we came up with a design they were excited about (below)

nantgarw back

 (JPG — 271 KB)

nantgarw front.jpg

 (JPG — 160 KB)

When we arrived we had a huge blank canvass 

and a plan to follow

With the plan into action the team got down to business, we were against the wettest April since records began (typical i know) and not a great may. after five weeks, ten days of which were actual work days we managed to provide two patio areas a large one for use by the family and friends and a second for the base of the summer house, we used cots wold stone against crushed purple slate and a 70 sq meter lawn area and pathways all round, loads i know and that was just the rear garden..

As well as the back the front garden was also in need of attention, the customer wanted a small planting area under the window and a block paved driveway 75sq meters, to park two cars and a large motor home we installed some steps leading to the main entrance of the home and over sized them creating a grand entrance..

Neath Abbey, Neath

in neath we were asked to turn two gardens one at the rear which was basically a pond dig site, and a front garden which was a lawn suffering badly from years of neglect, into two spaces for the family to enjoy.

the front garden a allot smaller than the back needed to be stripped of the dead and dying lawn and turned into a place for planting and a high quality lawn level and usable.

the back garden which can be seen in the first few slides below was a blank patch which had a tump of soil in the middle the end product of the newly dug pond, and the customerrequired a raised level lawn for which we built retaining walls using reclaimed sleepers

and a large planting area to the left of the lawn. there was an area at the rear of the garden where the customer requested some raised beds for planting in which we also built with sleepers. and a patch around the pond area needed to be tidied and barked over.

Take a look at the slides below and maybe you too will be inspired to give us a only took us four days start to finish

Below is a film strip of a overhaul we completed in January for a young

lady living in Splott, Cardiff.

The customer was looking to get the back garden of the property which was servereley neglected and had been for some years. She wanted the space to be converted into a place where she could entertain guests or simply just relax in the garden, and we were asked to give the front of the house a new breath of life ready for the new year ahead.

Take a look above at what we were facing when we arrived on site........^

After an impressive 8 days on site we transformed the depressing and tired old garden into an unrecognisable outdoor living space which can be enjoyed by the customer for many years to come. Take a look at the filmstrip below and you be the judge.....

Below is a filmstrip of a front and back garden overhaul completed in February for a young newly wedded couple and their young daughter.

The customers were open to any ideas i could provide and had a few of their own they could share with me. Unlike the previous tenant this couple had no time for a high maintenance garden and wanted a lawn to relax in and a soft play area for their daughter to enjoy during the summer months at the front f the property. The ghastly chain link fencing was to be ripped down and a wooden fence in keeping with surrounding properties was installed and the lawn along with a bark play area. In the back garden we provided a patio area and a low maintenance garden with secure storage area at the rear

Take a look........