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Fascia & Guttering

repair, install and cleaning

Every time we install guttering we stringline it to provide optimum fall and cosmetic appearance. We will cut back the gutter to the nearest join to provide symmetry so that the overall appearance is that it has been ‘made to measure’ for your property rather than having the look of being retrospectively fitted.

fit guttering by oddjobs
guttering by oddjobs
fascias fitted by oddjobs

External Painting:

external painting by oddjobs

The first thing to mention in this project is that there are two reasons for painting external masonry. One is for the decorative effect and the other is to make an unsound surface waterproof. If you are considering decoration for waterproofing, consider Oddjobs Gardening Services.

painting by oddjobs

Laminate Flooring:

flooring fitted by oddjobs

Laminate flooring is a versatile, practical and cost-effective solution for all rooms, including high traffic areas such as living rooms and kitchens. Not only is laminate more affordable, it is also much easier to keep clean, resistant to damage and exceptionally durable.

Satellite Mounting, Moving & Aerial Installs:

aerials installed by oddjobs
sattelite installed by oddjobs