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Green care

Odd jobs gardening services offer a complete residential and commercial landscape maintenance and garden care service, which includes tasks as diverse as lawn care and maintenance, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilising, hedge cutting and trimming, and anything else which keeps your garden looking at its best.

We understand that first impressions do count and that it is imperative to provide you, our client, with a consistent, reliable and cost effective fixed-rate regular or one-off gardening maintenance.

Lawn Mowing:

from a one-off visit or a regular sheduled service oddjobs will keep your lawn looking smart and tidy all year round.

Oddjobs gardening services believe proper mowing is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy. Grasses are like most plants — if you clip off the growing points (for grass, it's in the crown, where the new leaves develop), the plants branch out and become denser, which in this case, turns thousands of individual grass plants into a tightly woven turf or a lawn. If you didn't mow at all, your garden would look more like a prairie than a lawn. But the mere act of mowing isn't what makes a lawn look good. Mowing height and mowing frequency determine how healthy and attractive your lawn looks.

Hedge Cutting Services:

Oddjobs gardening services suggest why and when to prune hedges:-

A well-maintained hedge provides a good, smart boundary to a garden, but if left unchecked, a hedge can soon lose its shape and end up casting unwanted shade. With a good pruning schedule you can keep hedges under control without too much effort.

Most evergreen formal hedges like to be trimmed two or three times a year, while they're actively growing. Conifer hedges such as leylandii need regular pruning or these fast-growers will soon outgrow their location.

we will trim a wide variety of hedges and length and height is not aproblem for the team at oddjobs gardening services


oddjobs gardening services offer a competitive turfing service. we can turn a dull dreary patch of ground into a stunning lawn which will improve your outdoor living space immensley

Odd jobs gardening services will lay your lawns with superior quality turf, regardless of the size of your garden. As well as laying your turf we offer a rotovating and levelling service so that you have the neatest lawn around.

Tree Lopping & Pruning:

Early Flowering Shrub

Shrubs that flower before midsummer usually bloom on growth made the previous year. They are normally pruned after flowering (early summer), so that new growth has a full season in which to ripen before blooming the following year. Forsythia and Philadelphus are typical of this group. It is important to know how to prune these shrubs.

pruning is a important part of gardening and at oddjobs we provide a professional pruning service

Late Flowering Shrubs

Shrubs that bloom after midsummer, have flowers on the current season's growth; these are pruned in winter or spring. They then flower later in the season on new growth. (HT and floribunda roses are typical of this group)

Evergreens are best pruned in mid-spring, so that young shoots will develop after the danger of frost has passed.

Old Shrubs

Most old shrubs can be rejuvenated by cutting back hard to 30-45cm from the ground. To be doubly safe, it would be better to cut down around 50% in year one (sending up loads of new growth) and then cut down the remainder in year 2.

Planting:Once you’ve understood the different types of plant and what they can do, you can tackle the job of putting them all together in a garden - working out which ones will look best where, and how they will complement each other.

Once you’ve understood the different types of plant and what they can do, you can tackle the job of putting them

For best results, plan before you prepare before you plant:

  • Mark out the proposed outline of a new bed/border with a hose (or rope)
  • Look at it from all areas of the garden, and from inside the house
  • When you are happy, plan the planting


Any plant that grows where you don't want it can be considered a weed. Besides taking up valuable space in your garden, weeds compete with other plants for nutrients, water and light. If you have trouble moving around the garden, bending or pulling, you will still have to deal with the problem of weeds. If you can't do it all yourself, get some help. Also help yourself by making the job as easy as possible.

Any plant that grows where you don't want it can be considered a weed.