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Garden Build


Although not exactly flat ground.This deck perhaps is considered as flat or marginally raised and would suite a number of gardens with slight slopes. It covered an otherwise useless part of the garden and with owners water feature added at rear, all looked quite stunning!

decking by oddjobs

Patio & Pathways:

patio by oddjobs

We will design and install garden paths and patios for you using a variety of materials of your choosing. And if you have a design in mind, let us know and we will work together to see it through to completion of the project. The main styles offered are; block paving, slab paving,gravel and chippings.


Almost every homeowner would like attractive garden fencing of one sort or another around their property. This may be for reasons of privacy, or to prevent children and pets roaming too freely, or simply to act as a boundary marker. Garden fencing and trellising can be used for many different reasons, some of which are listed below:Oddjobs gardening services have access to a wide variety of fencing materials and numerous accessories, making the final design as practical and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

fencing by oddjobs

Dry Stone Walling:

walling by oddjobs

A dry-stone wall, also known as a dry-stone dyke, drystane dyke, dry-stone hedge, or rock fence is a wall that is constructed from stones without any mortar to bind them together. At Oddjobs gardening services we have the proper training to repair and build dry stone walls. so rest assured your in good hands.

External Rendering:

Today, exterior rendering is popular throughout the United Kingdom because with a number of different types of exterior rendering available, it's also a great way to cosmetically alter the appearance of a building. With so many finishes available, it's possible to render buildings using a variety of finishes. It's possible to create a look that's high quality and a great deal more attractive than the traditional British pebbledash.

rendering by oddjobs

Raised Flower Beds:

raised beds by oddjobs

As well as making gardening less demanding physically, raised flower bed gardening also has other useful advantages. For example, they create a barrier to pests such as snails and slugs, offer good drainage and you won’t encounter problems with weeds.

Your garden’s soil might also be poor in quality with insufficient nutrients which makes raised flower beds very appealing and the sun heats raised flower beds much more effectively. They are also better for drainage and there is more air circulation. Due to the combination of all of these elements, you can often plant earlier and harvest later due to the fact that the soil will warm up more quickly in the spring and stay warm until later in the autumn.

raised beds by oddjobs

Water Features:

water features installed by oddjobs

Without doubt contemporary water features and courtyard water features are the most popular new additions to the UK garden. Many gardeners are now looking at new japanese influenced water features along with pool and stone water features as a means of adding interest to the garden and outdoor area.

water features installed by oddjobs